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OCHSMANN, J. 1999 (14. Symposium Biodiversität und Evolutionsbiologie, Jena): 
TaxCat2 - Developing a database of taxonomic categories.

In connection with the BIG project and the development of a WWW database of "Mansfeld's World Manual of Agricultural and Horticultural Crops", a survey of taxonomic categories was started. It quickly turned out that many taxonomic problems merely arise because of the vast number of categories used to classify taxa [or culta] of cultivated plants. A lot of terms are used in different meanings by different authors, others lack exact definitions. As a result it seemed almost impossible to relate all terms to each other and assign them as far as possible to the terms accepted by the latest versions of the two Codes (ICBN-1994, Greuter et al. 1994, and ICNCP-1995, Trehane et al. 1995). Forty different taxonomic categories have been accepted by the two actual versions of the Codes (38 by the ICBN and only two by the ICNCP: cultivar and cultivar-group), but over 100 categories (without alternative names from other languages) have been found so far. Many of them have either been accepted by earlier versions of the Codes or have been used by single authors or in single groups only. In many cases little information on definition and use is available. This led to the idea to devise a database of taxonomic categories, where alternative names from different languages as well as synonyms could be related.
The following topics are covered by the database:

· Language 
· Source of introduction (author and year) 
· Original definition(s) (citation as far as possible in original language) 
· Description(s) or definitions by other authors (in English) 
· Status according to actual versions of the two Codes (ICBN-1995 and ICNCP-1995) 
· Information on the history and use of the term 
· Field of use (wild or cultivated plants, hybrids) 
· Alternative names (i.e. in other languages) 
· Synonyms (with state of synonymy (=, ±, p.p.) 
· References 

Additionally, some terms from different fields of botany related to botanical nomenclature are recorded (i.e. taxon, culton).

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